I often get asked what type of camera gear I use to shoot my videos. I recently made a video discussing this topic, but also wanted to write a corresponding article. There's a link to the video below!

I currently use 2 cameras on the regular:

Canon EOS M

I chose the Canon EOS M specifically because it is an excellent, affordable camera for video. I repeat, FOR VIDEO. It is not the best camera for still photography, but it is incredibly powerful for video production and vlogging if used appropriately.

The Canon EOS M is an affordable device capable of producing powerful, cinematic video. It is an excellent vlog camera.

The EOS M is a mirrorless device, so it is small and compact. I decided on this device as a vlog camera because of its light weight and portability. It's easy to travel with but doesn't lose any of the powerful features of a traditional Canon DSLR camera.

It is pretty difficult to find a new EOS M but they are widely available used and can be found for under $200. After purchasing the camera used, I installed Magic Lantern on the device. Magic Lantern is an open source firmware hack that unlocks all sorts of special features for the camera. These features include the ability to shoot in RAW, focus peaking, audio level monitoring, and other useful tools.

This is me shooting some sunset video with my Canon EOS M.

I currently have three lenses for my EOS M.

  • Canon EF-M 18-55mm- This is the lens that I use most frequently. The 18mm range is perfect for vlogging and the added zoom is nice when I'm trying to capture shots on the go.
  • Canon EF-S 55-250mm- This is my telephoto lens. I use this lens for surfing videography and other long range or tight shots. It requires an adapter to be used with the EOS M. I chose this one.
  • Canon EF-M 22mm Pancake- This was the kit lens that came with my EOS M. I don't use it as frequently, but only because it can be a pain to switch lenses on the go. It is a very good lens though. It's tiny and can open to F2.0! It's great in low light conditions and for achieving a shallow depth of field.

In addition to the camera, I use a handful of other accessories to complete my rig.

  • Joby Gorilla Pod- This flexible gorilla pod is an excellent tripod solution for me. I'm usually on the go exploring around the country. It is a lot easier to carry this than it would be to explore with a full tripod.
  • Rode Video Micro- I chose the Rode Micro because it is a compact microphone that still offers solid sound quality. It's also the most affordable Rode mic and fits nicely with the EOS M built in audio jack.
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro- I decided on this SD card because it has faster write speeds (up to 95 MB/S) than most other SD cards. Magic Lantern is installed directly on the SD card and this particular unit is one of the better ones to use with ML.

I've been very happy with the Canon EOS M as a vlog camera. It offers excellent production quality at a fraction of the cost of other devices like the Black Magic Pocket Camera or the Canon 80D.

DJI Mavic Pro

I upgraded to the Mavic Pro from the Phantom 3 Standard a while back. I chose the Mavic because of its compact size. It fits nicely into my camera bag and can go with me everywhere. Check out the video I made when I first bought this drone!

The Mavic Pro has been great so far. I shoot using the D-Cinelike picture profile and then add contrast and color correction in post. It's a great drone for the vlog!

Other Details

I shoot everything in 24 FPS. The EOS M does 1080p and the Mavic Pro does 2.7k (scaled down to 1080p in post). I do all editing and color correction with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Feel free to explore this site further for more information about van life, minimalism, and full time travel!